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"Superhuman" is a provocative award-winning documentary that provides tangible evidence for the powers of the human mind over matter. Through ground-breaking scientific experiments and real life demonstrations, viewers will find themselves connecting the dots about the relationship between mind and matter and discover whether they live in a simulated matrix or if they can have any control over their physical reality.

poster_among_us.jpgAMONG US
Based on the jaw-dropping contact accounts of individuals from around the world, AMONG US explores the phenomenon of non-human presence on Earth, from angels to extraterrestrials, and unveils the many ways they may be interacting, communicating and transferring subliminal information into our consciousness and potentially our DNA. 

poster_i_am_the_universe.jpgI AM THE UNIVERSE
“I Am The Universe" is a 3D animated, all-CG short film on the multi-layered maps of the universe and consciousness. The viewer is taken on a journey through the stunning visuals and breathtaking sounds of the cosmos from "Source" back to Earth.

poster_et_contact.jpgET CONTACT
“ET Contact" explores accounts of extraterrestrial and encounters and uncovers whether these seemingly independent yet parallel reports may be evidence of a greater phenomenon at work, which include mysterious alien abductions and the hybridization of a new species.



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